“I am not an impartial witness to developments in the animal kingdom. I love animals, have always lived with them, have tried to understand them, and have written about them with affection in an effort to remind others of what a significant enrichment to human life they can be.” James Michener, Author


The bird photographs are categorized by species on 11 separate pages: Blue Jays and Nuthatches, Bluebirds, Cardinals, Carolina Wrens, Goldfinches, Group Shots, Mockingbirds and Mourning Doves, Sparrows and House Finches, Shy Birds, Titmice and Carolina Chickadees and Woodpeckers


Deer, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, maybe a turtle and a possum. These guys have their own page, I’ve also included a photo collage from my old school Pentax K-1000 of one of our first opossum friends.


Photos acrylically enhanced with color, dimension, and texture. While I prefer to paint photographs I have taken, I’ve also worked on favorite photos that people have provided to me. My favorite is coloring old sepia tone photos.

The above photo is my great Aunt Sadie whom I never met as she died in 1919 at age 19 of the Spanish Flu.


Military brat, retail associate, jazz and professional Top-40 singer, Senior Paralegal, Nashville singer-songwriter, vegetarian, unabashed environmentalist, breast cancer survivor, artist and a few more incarnations in between.

I was recently elected to serve my community as Kingston Springs City Commissioner.

I’ve included some band photos, some old friends, Denny and me, and other fun.


This site is primarily for viewing enjoyment, but let me know if anything captures your fancy. I’d love for you to take some wildlife to your house!


I’m married to a career law enforcement officer who operates Sniper Pro Shop and High Ground Training Group — I have been privileged and proud to be in the company of our warriors, peacekeepers and protectors and to take their photographs during training and for use in training manuals.

Backyard Birds (baby sparrows and finches) – 5.21.20